with LOVE, <3

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and it’s not too late to pick out that perfect outfit for the Day of LOVE:-) You can be spending the day with your honey, family, your girlfriends or whoever. Go ahead and get dolled up, take lots of pics and enjoy yourself! And if you’re single, don’t worry if your are spending Valentine’s Day alone. Just because you are single DOES NOT mean you can’t celebrate too! Refer to my post “Enjoy Your Own Company“and you will see being single in a totally different light.

I have come up with some cute outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day for you all! Exciting! Red is the color for this season (we have been seeing it a lot on and off the red carpet), so why not be a little festive for the Love Day 🙂 Red is sexy, fiery and sultry. Just about everyone can pull off wearing red!I love a nice red lip (Russian Red  by MAC is my go to shade lately) and pretty red nail polish. Have a look at the outfits I came up with.





“Enjoy Your Own Company”


I was scrolling through my INSTAGRAM feed one day and saw this quote by Diane von Furstenburg and I couldn’t agree more.

 You are always with yourself. When you wake up, when you go to work or school, everywhere you go. You may be with others too sometimes but, when you are alone, do you enjoy YOU? Well, you should.

 I am a firm believer of “Me time”. I even take myself out on dates! And yes when I was in a relationship I did too. And no it isn’t pathetic, not at all! There is no one on this Earth and I mean NO ONE who will treat you better than you can treat yourself. When you hear people say “You can’t love someone until you love yourself”, well, it’s true! Humans have this sense where we can tell the people who really care about themselves and those who don’t without them saying anything. It’s an aura, seriously. If you don’t even enjoy your own company, what makes you think someone else would?