Washington State

Outings and Outfits: Seattle Edition

Of course lately I have A LOT of time on my hands. Either with job searching, networking and enjoying my new surroundings. I LOVE going to Seattle and exploring and just being in the city. I don’t have the luxury of being only 15mins from a major city like I did back in MD (Downtown DC was only 15mins away), but I don’t mind the drive to Seattle. I always make it an all day outing when I go to the city. Since I am new there are tons to do and see. I still have A LOT of things and places to go to and check off my list.


This was my first time attending the ballet and I loved it!





I’m a COWBOYS Fan but Congrats to the Seahawks

Still a little hurt it wasn’t my COWBOYS who made it to the SuperBowl, but it was a great win for the Seattle Seahawks. Their first SuperBowl win ever! Looks like I moved here at the right time. The city was crazy with hardcore fans. I went down to the city to check out the parade and I even got a glimpse of the trophy. It was a nice and orderly celebration for the team and the 12th man, the FANS.




Welcome 2014!

2014 NYE

Happy New Year Everyone! This Year is Going to be a GREAT ONE…For US All! I feel it in my gut 😉

I hope you all ended your 2013 the way you wanted and if not, well we have a new year to be bigger, better and greater!

I have recently relocated to WASHINGTON STATE (Seattle Area). BUT! I have some great new posts in store for you all! I’m so excited about my new BIG move, new experiences and adventures ahead of me. I am going to share it ALL with you guys!

Look forward to new adventure pics, DIYs, OOTD’s, Reflection Pieces, Hauls and Just a bunch of Awesomeness ahead!

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, I just work on being a better person each day. I work towards my goals and keep pushing and grinding. I’m looking forward to the obstacles, failures and victories this year has in store for me!

Again, Stay Tuned and HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN!