TSD Looks

Check out some of my favorite looks from the past couple of days.



with LOVE, <3

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and it’s not too late to pick out that perfect outfit for the Day of LOVE:-) You can be spending the day with your honey, family, your girlfriends or whoever. Go ahead and get dolled up, take lots of pics and enjoy yourself! And if you’re single, don’t worry if your are spending Valentine’s Day alone. Just because you are single DOES NOT mean you can’t celebrate too! Refer to my post “Enjoy Your Own Company“and you will see being single in a totally different light.

I have come up with some cute outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day for you all! Exciting! Red is the color for this season (we have been seeing it a lot on and off the red carpet), so why not be a little festive for the Love Day 🙂 Red is sexy, fiery and sultry. Just about everyone can pull off wearing red!I love a nice red lip (Russian Red  by MAC is my go to shade lately) and pretty red nail polish. Have a look at the outfits I came up with.




Pet Dept: Beta Fish

I absolutely love Beta Fish. They are such beautiful creatures and actually very social fish. I know they are just fish but once they are used to seeing who feeds them they will swim right up to the glass to be nosey. It’s the cutest thing 🙂 Last year I had a beta fish named BUDDY. He died a couple of months after I got him (tear). He was my first baby beta. He grew to be a preteen (in beta fish years I guess). RIP BUDDY.

Sorry for the sad intro, but I go two new beta fish the other day. I named them SPARTACUS and Mr. Handsome. They both have two totally different personalities it’s funny watching them. SPARTACUS is a red Veiltale male beta and Mr. Handsome is a blue Crowntail male beta. SPARTACUS got his name because the first day I had him all he did was flare out those gills! LOL He was always in attach mode and ready for war! Mr. Handsome is named that because that is what he is…Handsome. His crowntail is always fanned and looks beautiful when he swims around. His tail is blue with hints of silver. He likes to hide behind his silk tree a lot. He’s a little on the shy side unlike SPARTACUS, always out and about.




Wear in the World: Star Spangled Shorty PT II



As promised, here is how I styled my American Flag shorts! These were so fun to wear and I got a lot of compliments on them. I have a few ideas of new ones to make for next summer too!