I am…

a Dreamer.

a Believer.

a Motivator.

an Inspiration.

“This Flower Had to go through a lot of Dirt to get Here”


By here, I am referring to the where I am currently in my life. In my 32 years on this Earth, I have made so many mistakes and have learned a lot from my experiences, all of which I am thankful for. Every day I learn something new about myself. Each day brings a new discovery. Whether it be a new food you’ve tried, a new hobby, meeting a new friend or an exciting new idea. The universe speaks to all of us, we just have to listen, feel and then do what it calls us to do. Life is about growing, learning and building a better YOU! I am on a journey to be GREAT! I encourage others to want the same for themselves.

My blog has opened my eyes to things I never thought I could do. I am inspiring others to do things they have never done and wanted to try, and that just warms my heart. Those four short phrases at the beginning of this post is Who I AM. It isn’t just about the clothes, going here, being there, knowing this person, having this and that. It is about finding your niche’, and making your mark on the world. I try everyday to be a better person. I believe in myself and that I can and will do great things. I want to inspire others to feel the same.



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