Bath & Beauty Haul

Hey, hey, hey Everyone!

Happy New Year!

It has been a looonnnnggg time indeed. Thank you all for sticking around. I have some new post ideas and things brewing for “TheStylishDork”. To start things off, here is a cute little haul to bring you all into some new, fun and cool things to come!!

I totally did not plan to rack up on make-up this week…it sorta just happned (said no woman ever). I so happened to have stopped by Nordstrom Rack and to my amazement, they had SMASHBOX makeup on sale! I’m talking foundation for $9.97 and wait–an additional 25% off clearance! I mean the Sale gods came down for this one.

I originally planned to get the MAC eyebrow pencil “Spiked” and that turned into–2 lipsticks, 2 lipglasses, concealer and new lip liners. Overall, I think this was a pretty awesome unplanned make-up shopping day.

And then…I came across ANOTHER sale. Bath and Body Works: Buy 3, Get 3 Free. lawddd! Now, I am a woman who loves designer perfumes but I find that they run out fairly quickly because that is all I wear. Plus, what grown woman doens’t have a full supply of beautifuly fragranted body washes and lotions?!….EXACTLY.

I’ve actually haven’t been inside of a Bath and Body Works store in forever. So many new frangrances and so many to choose from. It is a bit overwhelming but fun. I tend to go for aomw floral yet sensual sents. And a few to prep for the warm weather to come.

This is going to be a beautiful and sweet spring/ summer season to come indeed.

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