Glam’D Up Desk Decor!


Now, let’s be honest. Most of us spend the majority of our time at work. I mean, we have to make a living right? But it doesn’t mean we have to go to the office every day and look at those same boring gray cubicle walls and the boring desk necessities. Even if you have an office with a window, you can always Glam Up your office space a bit. Give a nice touch that is professional but shows a bit of personality.  YOUR personality.

That is what I decided to do with my cubicle space. I just can’t stand looking at anything bland.. I wanted to give my space a little life. A space that was practical, efficient and fun. Plus, I can look at some of the things I created myself and even gave some inspiration from it. So, I went to my favorite craft stores, swiped some paint and other things and go to work!


The pencil holder and desk organizer I got from Marshall’s for a great price (each sold separately). Places like these are good to check out for little nick nacks and such.  I painted my scissors that I bought at Wal-Mart with Yellow Gold Martha Stewart paint. A personal and inexpensive touch.

These bowls I found at Good Will months ago. I painted with the gold Martha Steward paint as well and even the tops of my push pins. IMG_5579This try from Good Will was originally black and gold. I painted it white along with an old Starbuck Frappacino bottle I’ve been hoarding. The cute sticky notes and pin are from the dollar section at Target (my weakness).

IMG_5582This banner is from Hobby Lobby and it came with the black and white twine. This is what helped me pick my color scheme. I just painted and glittered the cut outs and hung them with my push pins.

IMG_5584The wood block is from Michael’s. I painted it with chalkboard paint to use as my away message board.

IMG_5585Another cute notepad (with a magnetic back) I got from Marshall’s.

IMG_5583This chambray mouse pad I made myself just bu cutting up an old shirt and using cork board. I addd the polka dots to make it pop.

IMG_5586This beautiful frame was sent to me by a friend. I decided to put my favorite scripture in it. My daily motivation and encouragement.

I hope this post gives you some inspiration to add your own touch to your workspace! Happy Decorating!

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