Bible Study/Prayer Binder


I am so thrilled that I have finally finished making and setting up my binder I will be using for Bible Study and writing down Prayers. I have been on a spiritual journey for almost two years now  and just wanted to make something that I could write down scriptures, my conversations with GOD and prayers for loved ones and the world. And of course I had to make it nice and cute 🙂 By being able to write down what I am reading in the bible or inspiration I see, I am able to reflect back and refer to things and apply it to my life. I have divided my binder into 5 sections: S.O.A.P, Journal, Prayers, “BLESSON”, and Favorite Verses. Come, take a look inside!

This is my inside cover of my binder. I have a project life card glued on with a table of contents showing each section of my binder. I have a cool iPhone sticky note I am using to keep track of scriptures I would like to research more on to gain a better understanding. Then I have another little cloud post it note attached where I can write down people or things I would like to pray for.

I have a little pocket where I hold my weekly readings sheet to help me keep track of  where I am and the focus of the week. I don’t adhere to it all the time. It just helps me to be more discipline in my bible studying (which is one of my goals set for myself 😉

Here is my first section and dashboard. This is one of my favorite scriptures (Jeremiah 29:11). Very inspiring and motivating. You can also see the sections I have inside: S.O.A. P., Journal, Prayers, “BLESSON” and Favorite Verses. lmf1

I did some  research and figured I would give the S.O.A.P. BIBLE STUDY METHOD a try. So far so good. By writing out the scripture and reflecting on it helps me to better understand it and apply it to my life.


The JOURNAL section is where I write out my conversations with God. I guess you can say my letters to him. I know sometimes people have trouble speaking to God. I like to talk to him as well but, writing helps to get it all out. It’s like I am venting to him about everything in my letters, expressing my gratitude, concerns, fears and then I just refer back to his word to find comfort. I am learning God wants us to come to him about EVERYTHING that is on our heart. That shows him that we believe he can restore us and bring comfort and victory, no one else.

My PRAYERS sections is where I write out specific prayers for my family, friends, career, the world and myself. It will also be an area where I will write about answered prayers. We can ask for a lot of things,but we should also acknowledge and give praise when those prayers have been answered 🙂

When I sit and think about all the things God has help me to overcome it amazes me everytime. Sometimes I notice it right away or later on and look up, smile and say “I see you are showing off up there, thank you!” I have been blessed in so many ways and have learned so many lessons. So, the BLESSON section is where I want to recognize the blessings that have come out of my life lessons. Have you heard of that saying “Be careful about rushing God’s timing, you never know what or who HE is protecting you or saving you from”. I consider things like this BLESSONS. Sometimes we get mad when God doesn’t bless us with something we really want. He did it for a reason. You learn that lesson later on and see why it happened. HE is our protector, so accept those BLESSONS 😉



The section for FAVORITE VERSES is where I will put my favorite scriptures, inspirational quotes and just about anything I find inspirational.


i made this little insert to make a space for some spiritual extras. I love the pages I see around a lot of social media that give a bible passage for whatever you may be experiencing in life. Good to look up for some quick inspiration and guidance. lmf10




This little pocket I have in the back will just house my little extras I use with my binder. I have some stickers, weekly calendar sheets etc. Some things to make my binder nice and pretty.
lmf14Binder & Dividers:TARGET

Cardstock: Michael’s

Rubberband closure and Folder: SMASH Journal accessories (found at Michael’s)

Stickers & Cloud Sticky Notes: JoAnn’s Fabrics and Crafts

iPhone Sticky Notes: Walmart

Bow Paper Clip: Kate Spade

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    1. Hi Tasha,
      So sorry for the extremely delayed response. The tabs on the dividers is what holds the cardstock in place. I thought that was pretty nifty so I wouldn’t ruin the divider. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and following!

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