The Heart of Appreciation, LLC


I had the chance to interview an inspiring Entrepreneur who is also one of my best friends. She established The Heart of Appreciation, LLC which is an organization with a goal “to help people of all ages and genders have a consistent healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.” Antoinette “Toni” Jackson is a woman of many hats. She is a life coach, educator, fitness instructor, wardrobe consultant and a woman of GOD. Her faith illuminates and is the core of her drive and The Heart of Appreciation. Toni delivers to her clients and audiences daily devotionals and empowering videos that remind you of how important, loved and special YOU are no matter what others may think of you. The Heart of Appreciate, LLC is an organization that gives back to help enrich the community and help individuals to truly love themselves.

This interview was indeed inspiring for me and the most important thing I gained from it was knowing that no matter what I too can do whatever it is I want to do. To put GOD first and have faith in his plan for my life. To also take care of myself in every aspect. In order to help others, you must be well first. 🙂


TSD: What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?
Toni: I’ve always had visions of being an entrepreneur since I was a young girl. When I got to college and realized that my part-time job wasn’t paying all my bills I got creative and started cooking & selling meals. From there I knew I had it in me and became motivated to accomplish my goals.

TSD: What is your passion?
Toni: My passion is inspiring and loving people.

TSD: How do you incorporate your passion into your business?
My passion and business go hand in hand. My business is my vehicle. My passion is my engine. My business provides several services to people who I love and want to inspire.

TSD: Has being an entrepreneur had an effect on your personal relationships?
Toni: Being an entrepreneur has created positive and negative effects on my personal relationships. Of course the positive outweighs the negative.

TSD: What advice would you give to an up and coming entrepreneur?
I would tell any up and coming entrepreneur to keep God first, trust their heart and always be prepared for opportunity.

TSD: What motivates you?
Hard circumstances and being challenged motivates me.

TSD: What is your greatest achievement?
Being the first in my generation to become a college graduate is my greatest achievement.

TSD: What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I enjoy not living in a “box” and being limited to how I can inspire and love people.

TSD: What are the challenges of being an entrepreneur in your industry?
African-American entrepreneurs still get frowned upon or not taken as seriously. I’m also faced with financial challenges. As I stated before, it all motivates me to work harder.

TSD: What is your least favorite aspect of being a business owner? Most favorable?
I would have to say my least favorite aspect is the jealousy that I get from being an entrepreneur. To me jealousy never feels good. My favorite aspect is waking up every day knowing that I answered my calling from God.

TSD: How do you define success?
Success is that feeling of joy and accomplishment you get from the goals you set for yourself.

TSD: What do you do on a daily basis to grow as an entrepreneur?
I keep myself prepared mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

TSD: What makes the HEART OF APPRECIATION stand out from other organizations that provide the same services?
The Heart Of Appreciation is authentic and was birthed from a vision that’s guaranteed to change people’s lives for the better.

TSD: What is your greatest fear as an entrepreneur?
Fear and faith can’t live in the same place so I eliminate fear.

TSD: What are some of your pet peeves?
People who are always focus on the negative and try to project that energy my way.
When I see a great person with potential that’s a follower instead of a leader.
People who always do last-minute things.
Anything or anyone that breaks my peace.

TSD: Who are people you look up to and why?
I’ve looked up to Oprah since I was a young girl because she lived through adversity and created her own brand. I look up to my grandparents because of their work ethic and “No excuse” mentality.

TSD: How would you like people to remember you and your organization?
Authentic, Consistent & Inspiring.



Be sure to check out Toni at

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Instagram: Antoinetetoni  and Twitter: AntoineteToni_



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