Summer Reads: June

So, I have decided to spend my summer getting my read on! As you all know, I LOVE books! I recently started a part-time gig at my local library. Let’s just say I’m in book heaven! Of course I am the only dweeb to have like 22 books checked out at once (hehe, or maybe not :-P). Then I came up with the idea of doing a monthly summer reading list. Each month during the summer I will share with you guess what books I am reading for the month. The list will include Fiction and NonFiction books from different genres. I’m so excited! Here is my Summer Reading List for June!


I’ve actually finished this one already. It was laugh out loud funny! Good story line. It was the black version of the movie “16 Candles” and the main character’s favorite movie. I finished this book in 2 days. I couldn’t put it down. Such a fun read and cute love story.

jesus book


one more thing

You know him from being the writer of the show “The Office.” This book is filled short stories. They will make you laugh, think and even say “aaawww”. I am enjoying this one so far. Had to read it quick to return back to the library (LOL). Plus, I love the simple black and white cover.

style strategy

Stay Tuned for the Summer Reads: July List (posted at the end of June)



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