Calling All App Addicts!


Ok, I can admit I am addicted to productivity apps. Well any app that can help make my life a little bit easier and more organized. I came across one particular app I am so thrilled about: THINGLIST. ::raising the roof:: For only $1.99, this app just basically saved my semi unorganized techie life! So long iNOTES (or nots), ThingList is my new Productivity BFF!

photo 1This app is so easy to use and straight to the point. 6 categories to help you keep track of those things you sometimes can’t remember or when there isn’t a pen and pad within reach. I know this is especially helpful for me because of the setup. I use NOTES on my iPhone and I have to scroll to find things. The search feature is cool, but with Thinglist I can have my notes already cateorgiezed and EASY to find.
photo 2

Simply pick a category and you’re off!

photo 3

It even gives you a section to put notes, addresses or other key things.

photo 4Your main list consists of all your “things”. Each has their own icon to show you which category they belong too. You can even filter out a specific category if you want.

photo 1 (2)

photo 5And of course it gives you the option to share!

I can tell me and this app are going to get along just fine 🙂


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