Month: February 2014

Give me the Beauty! Haul

I went to the store to pick up a few beauty products I wanted to try out. I also got my first Urban Decay NAKED palette!!! (Yeah, kinda excited 🙂 The palette is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to try it out.

Check out my beauty buys for the day.

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Calling All App Addicts!


Ok, I can admit I am addicted to productivity apps. Well any app that can help make my life a little bit easier and more organized. I came across one particular app I am so thrilled about: THINGLIST. ::raising the roof:: For only $1.99, this app just basically saved my semi unorganized techie life! So long iNOTES (or nots), ThingList is my new Productivity BFF!


with LOVE, <3

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and it’s not too late to pick out that perfect outfit for the Day of LOVE:-) You can be spending the day with your honey, family, your girlfriends or whoever. Go ahead and get dolled up, take lots of pics and enjoy yourself! And if you’re single, don’t worry if your are spending Valentine’s Day alone. Just because you are single DOES NOT mean you can’t celebrate too! Refer to my post “Enjoy Your Own Company“and you will see being single in a totally different light.

I have come up with some cute outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day for you all! Exciting! Red is the color for this season (we have been seeing it a lot on and off the red carpet), so why not be a little festive for the Love Day 🙂 Red is sexy, fiery and sultry. Just about everyone can pull off wearing red!I love a nice red lip (Russian Red  by MAC is my go to shade lately) and pretty red nail polish. Have a look at the outfits I came up with.




Simple & Chic Organizing

I took a trip to Target and Michael’s to pick up a few things to help me organize my girly necessities. I get tired of digging for my makeup brushes in my cosmetic bag, or leaving my Q-tips in that huge unattractive box.  Have a look at how I created some simply chic organization for myself. 🙂



Outings and Outfits: Seattle Edition

Of course lately I have A LOT of time on my hands. Either with job searching, networking and enjoying my new surroundings. I LOVE going to Seattle and exploring and just being in the city. I don’t have the luxury of being only 15mins from a major city like I did back in MD (Downtown DC was only 15mins away), but I don’t mind the drive to Seattle. I always make it an all day outing when I go to the city. Since I am new there are tons to do and see. I still have A LOT of things and places to go to and check off my list.


This was my first time attending the ballet and I loved it!




Bookaholics: Where’d You Go Bernadette

There are a few books I’ve started reading but “Where’d You Go Bernadette” has been on my “MUST READ” list for a long time. I’ve heard good reviews so decided to pick it up. The cover is what makes it look interesting. I’m the type of Book Shopper that if the front cover grabs my attention, I’m likely to at least read what it is about. And thank goodness for smartphones and internet, I can check book reviews right there in the store before purchasing it 🙂

If you have read or are reading “Where’d You Go Bernadette” what do you think about it? So far it is a little comical to me. Share your thoughts in the comments 🙂

DSC_1322DSC_1326DSC_1328‘Happy’ mug from Pier1 

I’m a COWBOYS Fan but Congrats to the Seahawks

Still a little hurt it wasn’t my COWBOYS who made it to the SuperBowl, but it was a great win for the Seattle Seahawks. Their first SuperBowl win ever! Looks like I moved here at the right time. The city was crazy with hardcore fans. I went down to the city to check out the parade and I even got a glimpse of the trophy. It was a nice and orderly celebration for the team and the 12th man, the FANS.