“Chalk it Up” Flower Pots

Hey ya’ll! What better way to start the new year than with a new DIY project! YAY!!!  Yes the winter is still going strong (stronger in so areas more than others) but spring is just around the corner. I have been seeing this idea all over Pinterest and what a great idea to welcome in your Spring Blooms! Don’t limit yourself to just flowers. You can grow your own fresh herbs or use them for storage. Don’t forget to have some chalk handy so you can write labels or cute doodles! 🙂

Messy 6

You Will Need:

Flower Pots

Chalk/Chalk Pens

Chalkboard Paint


Be sure to wipe clean your flower pot to free it of residue. Once dry, go ahead and start your first layer of chalkboard paint around the entire flower pot.

Once that dries, add a second layer and let dry for about 15-20mins before you write on it. DSC_0769

Fee Free to write or doodle whatever you like on your new CHALKED UP flower pots. They make great gifts too!DSC_0772



                          And when you have something new to say, wipe clean and start again! 🙂


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