Month: January 2014

“My Story, My Adventure, My Journey”


(I traveled from Washington DC to Washington State…by train. One of the Best Experiences of my Life)

Some are already aware, but for those who are not, I have recently relocated to beautiful Washington State! I have been wanting to move away for quite some time now. Certain situations have happened in my life in the past couple of months that pushed me to make such a MAJOR change. This was actually one of the biggest decisions I have ever made in my LIFE. I was laid off not too long ago and I sat down with myself and GOD and prayed about what to do next. It’s really amazing how everything worked out to where all things lead to me leaving home. Most people would be down in the dumps but I look at me being laid off as a blessing and an opportunity.Yes, it was a little devastating but, it was not a surprise (you guys know how government contracts work. Time for bids and only one can win). A lot of people asked me “Well, why Washington?” Well, I applied all over the world and the job market is tough. I have never been out of work until now so I can understand what so many Americans are going through. Searching and applying every single day. It’s TOUGH! So, I chose Washington State because I have family here and it’s not the norm I am use to. I’m getting older. The “fast life”, partying etc got old to me a long time ago. Not that I still don’t enjoy a good time but,  I’m trying to establish a career and find where I want to settle. I’m at a different place in my life mentally and needed something a little more chill. People seem to choose where they want to live according to what they are accustomed to. That’s all find and dandy, but I wanted something……DIFFERENT. I needed a FRESH START. Just to be clear, this wasn’t a fresh start to “find myself” (I knew who I was before I left home), but a fresh start to gain new experiences, try new things, meet new people. A chance to LIVE. Being laid off is one of the best things that has happened to me in my life. GOD let it happen to give me that extra PUSH. Inside, I wasn’t content with where I was, so HE made it possible for me to change it. (Praise HIM!)



Pet Dept: Beta Fish

I absolutely love Beta Fish. They are such beautiful creatures and actually very social fish. I know they are just fish but once they are used to seeing who feeds them they will swim right up to the glass to be nosey. It’s the cutest thing 🙂 Last year I had a beta fish named BUDDY. He died a couple of months after I got him (tear). He was my first baby beta. He grew to be a preteen (in beta fish years I guess). RIP BUDDY.

Sorry for the sad intro, but I go two new beta fish the other day. I named them SPARTACUS and Mr. Handsome. They both have two totally different personalities it’s funny watching them. SPARTACUS is a red Veiltale male beta and Mr. Handsome is a blue Crowntail male beta. SPARTACUS got his name because the first day I had him all he did was flare out those gills! LOL He was always in attach mode and ready for war! Mr. Handsome is named that because that is what he is…Handsome. His crowntail is always fanned and looks beautiful when he swims around. His tail is blue with hints of silver. He likes to hide behind his silk tree a lot. He’s a little on the shy side unlike SPARTACUS, always out and about.




Polka Dot Gift Bag

photo 1-1

I know I can’t be the only person who feels like they are celebrating someone’s birthday like EVERY month. SO, I decided to get a little creative in my gift giving. I did this gift bag during the holiday season because I’m not too big on wrapping gifts when people are just going to rip it open anyway (for adults rather). This is a great idea to show someone how special they are not just for what inside but that you took the time to do a little something extra 😉


Wear in the World: Coolin’ with Colors

I took these photos on a visit to Richmond, VA. And you can’t miss a photo opt when a background like this is present! The entire wall was covered with abstract art and so many beautiful colors. You can’t tell from the photos but it was raining so we had to snap the pics quick lol. Check it out!




“Chalk it Up” Flower Pots

Hey ya’ll! What better way to start the new year than with a new DIY project! YAY!!!  Yes the winter is still going strong (stronger in so areas more than others) but spring is just around the corner. I have been seeing this idea all over Pinterest and what a great idea to welcome in your Spring Blooms! Don’t limit yourself to just flowers. You can grow your own fresh herbs or use them for storage. Don’t forget to have some chalk handy so you can write labels or cute doodles! 🙂

Messy 6


Welcome 2014!

2014 NYE

Happy New Year Everyone! This Year is Going to be a GREAT ONE…For US All! I feel it in my gut 😉

I hope you all ended your 2013 the way you wanted and if not, well we have a new year to be bigger, better and greater!

I have recently relocated to WASHINGTON STATE (Seattle Area). BUT! I have some great new posts in store for you all! I’m so excited about my new BIG move, new experiences and adventures ahead of me. I am going to share it ALL with you guys!

Look forward to new adventure pics, DIYs, OOTD’s, Reflection Pieces, Hauls and Just a bunch of Awesomeness ahead!

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, I just work on being a better person each day. I work towards my goals and keep pushing and grinding. I’m looking forward to the obstacles, failures and victories this year has in store for me!

Again, Stay Tuned and HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN!