Be the Type of Person you want to Meet


You know the old saying “treat others how you would like to be treated”. Of course you do. Do we all do that? Of course we don’t. When people in our lives or even strangers treat us poorly, it’s hard to be friendly and caring in return. If you find yourself in a situation where someone is not treating you with love and respect and you have done nothing wrong, please understand that what they are doing to you has nothing to do with YOU. Don’t let cruelty from others turn you into something you’re not. Don’t be spiteful or seek revenge. Instead, BE THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU WANT TO MEET. Be caring, encouraging and a joy to be around. Yes we all get mad but don’t let adversity consume you.

Misery loves company. But guess what. When misery is confronted by love and kindness it melts away like the Wicked witch. Now, you know you don’t want to be around miserable people, individuals that gossip about others for no reason and so forth. So don’t find yourself becoming a person like that.

You attract what you put out. If you have a bad attitude all the time and always complaining, take a look around you. Have you noticed everything you’re mad and complaining about still surrounds you. Change your way of thinking and speak positivity into your life and MEAN IT AND BELIEVE IT! And you will see how things change. Toss the old miserable ways of yourself out and look forward to meeting a new YOU.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Pay no attention to your physical features. Look into your own eyes and deep into yourself and ask yourself: Would I be happy to meet me? This is a tough question and requires nothing but honesty from yourself. Look yourself in the eye and tell yourself you will build yourself up to be a better you. Have confidence in yourself. Treat yourself how you want others to treat you. Create an aura that draws the right company to you.

You want to walk past a mirror, see yourself and say with a smile “Pleased to meet you.” 🙂


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