September Glam Bag

After a long 2 week wait, I have finally received my FIRST Ipsy Glam Bag! I was once a subscriber of Birchbox, but I cancelled because I NEVER received anything from my favorite brands or products I really liked.

I heard some good stuff about Ipsy and decided to give it a try. The best part is that you know what to expect in your glam bag each month. It isn’t like Birchbox which was a total surprise every month. Plus, Ipsy sends your beauty products in a cute little cosmetic bag so you can take your fav beauty products with you on the go.

Here is what was in the September Glam Bag.


My fav products in this bag is the NYX “Golden Poppy” eyeshadow and the StarLooks “Kohl Eye Pencil”.



  1. Actually, Birchbox isn’t a total surprise since around the 10th your account is typically updated and you can see which box # you’re getting. Since Ipsy now uses customization the bags each person gets is a bit different so it’s a little more like Birchbox in that you don’t know what you get until you look at your account.

    I’m jealous of your September bag. THAT was a nice variation.

  2. I’ll have to check them out. I was getting birch box too and got some great things but sometimes not so exciting things and you’re right It was more of “I hope I get something good” lol

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