August Bath & Beauty Favs

photo 1-1I get so FRESH and So CLEAN with my bath favs!

The Stress Relief bubble bath and bath salt bottles are full because they are new bottles. (I ran out!) Pair these two together and you’re in for one luxurious stress free bath right at home. The aromatherepy of eucalyptus spearmint helps to clear your senses and mind. SERIOUSLY. I like to put on some calming music when I’m soaking with this stuff! Try it and thank me later. ::wink::

The True Blue Spa Malibu Beach pedi foot scrub and foot cream came in handy this summer. Good to use when you do your pedicures at home when you can’t make it to the nail salon or spa. And they smell AMAZING!

photo 3-1My St. Ives apricot scrub is an old favorite. But, this Malibu Smooth Body Scrub from Bath and Body Works leaves me smelling so delicious and my skin incredibly smooth! My apricot scrub isn’t just for your face. Your body can get acne too. I recommend that EVERYONE should own a back brush. Use it with your favorite body scrub or acne wash and Scrub a dub dub! Give your body a treat once and awhile. It will be ever so grateful 🙂

photo 4-1I have been wanting to try this soap for a while now. It is the Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Creamy Cleansing Bar. You will NEVER want to use another type of soap again. I honestly was surprised at how much I love using this bar. Not only does it smell great, it has shea butter in it to help moisturize your skin and…….check out the build in massage balls! I like to rub that part of the soap on my neck and shoulders. Feels awesome!

photo 2-1

I can admit. I am lazy when it comes to washing my face every morning. Since I have been using this cleanser, I actually look forward to washing my face. This is a facial cleanser I can actually feel working. I have also noticed a difference in my skin. Fewer blemishes, smaller pores and brighter healthier looking skin. I started using it with my Clarisonic and I get the FULL EFFECT of the cleanser. My skin feels soooooo smooth! Then I apply my Nivea skin moisturizer and I’m good to go!


photo 2 Some of these are old favorites and a few new. For the past month they have been my go-to products.
11002959_120620143000 I love Nivea products. I like that this moisturizer is light and it isn’t greasy.
11206178I don’t leave home without my CoverGirl lipslick. It’s a nice lip balm to have. Plus, it’s ok to wear before you apply your lipstick.

images I have just started hightlight when I apply my makeup, and Benefit’s “Watt’s UP” has been a great help. It looks good with my complexion and goes on smooth.
Loreal-Gel-linerLOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I have been looking for the perfect gel eyeliner and here it is! L’Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer liner. And it comes with an applicator brush that helps you apply it with precision. One day I left the top off and it DIDN’T DRY UP! 2 thumbs up!

This mascara has been my FAVORITE for almost a year now. I have tried others, some have been decent but they just haven’t compared to this one. L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes. This mascara gives your lashes length and VOLUME! V306909_RCALTSo they say this is what all the models use. I’m not sure about that but I know I LOVE using this lip scrub and balm by Victoria Secret. It really helps your lipsticks go on smoothly. Works great with MATTE lipsticks too! And yes, the scrub tastes good. (hehe)

Marc Jacobs Beauty

A little Review

photo 1Marc Jacobs launched his beauty line on August 9th. For those of you who know me, I am a BIG fan of Marc Jacobs. When I saw he had a beauty line coming out, I was so excited!

So, the other day I went to Sephora and decided to try from his beauty line the Nail Polish and Mascara (since these are products I usually buy often). When I first saw the line in person, I was disappointed. The lip gloss colors are very boring, the lipsticks are all colors I have seen before from other cosmetic lines and the same with the eyeshadow palettes. I did like the nail polish colors. I picked up “LUX”, which I LOVE! You can make do just applying 2 coats, but I did 3. The Mascara..I do not love at all. I’m actually returning it. It was good for lengthening but it didn’t add any volume…AT ALL. The packaging says “BIG LASHES”. Not even.

I still would like to try his eyeshadows, but I have a feeling there won’t be much of a difference from any other eyeshawdow I have already used before.




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