TITANIC: The Experience

I was the first one to arrive in Orlando out of my family. I saw this flyer and I rushed on over! I was so excited the “TITANIC: The Experience” was in Orlando. I had to take the bus over and got caught in an Florida storm, but nothing was stopping me from experiencing this. And what an experience it was. It was AMAZING! I saw authentic artifacts from the actual Titanic wreckage. I got to touch a REAL Iceberg. I even saw a piece of the TITANIC were the iceberg hit it! I was in complete awe. It was a great exhibit. Due to the sensitibity of the artifacts, pictures were not permitted inside the actual tour.

photo 1-3 (3)

photo 4-3This is exactly how passengers of the TITANIC boarding passes looked.

photo 2-3 (3)This was my boarding pass. The name on it is that of an actual passenger that was onboard the Titanic the night the ship sunk into the Atlantic Ocean. At the end of the tour, we were told to find the name of the person on our boarding pass on the “Memorial Wall”. I then realized my passenger had survived the deadly voyage of that magnificent ship. It was such an emotional moment seeing all the names of the survivors and those lost.

photo 2 (4)A replica of the “Grand Staircase” of TITANIC.


photo 3-1 (4)Remember this? This is the front of the ship from the movie “TITANIC”

photo 5-3

photo 3-2 (3) photo 1-2 (3)


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