Back-to-School Survival Tips: College Edition

school-books-1It’s almost time to say bye-bye to the beaches and sunshine and hello classrooms and textbooks. Heading back to college can be bittersweet. You will meet back up with your friends, hang out at your favorite spots on and off campus and participant in sports or other organization activities. College can also be very stressful. Me personally, I have had some rocky moments in undergrad and grad school so I can relate what you will be going through. Here are some of my Back-to-School Survival Tips: College Edition.


-Managing your time is so important. Plus, you can get whatever you have to get done in a timely fashion if you manage your time properly. Back in undergrad I was a major procrastinator and as I look back, I wouldn’t have been so stressed out if I’ve only gave myself enough time to do things. In both undergrad and grad school I worked all throughout school. (You can imagine how busy I was). It is probably a maturity thing, but in grad school I was way more organized than in undergrad.

-What really helped me out was getting a PLANNER. You can always download some cool organizing app, but I found sometimes I would forget I had it or rarely used it at all. Actually seeing my planner around made me remember to check it, write important dates and assignments in it etc. It was just as important to me as my textbooks. It really helped keep me on track.

-Every week I would sit down and figure out what assignments were due, what events I had going on and my work schedule. Also, when you first get your syllabus put it in your planner and set up reminders in your phone for what days you will study, work on assignments and when assignments are due. It’s good to set goals for yourself as well. If you have an assignment due in perhaps two weeks, set a date you want to have it fully completed before the due date. Waiting until the last minute adds stress and you want to be able to present your best work.

-If you do work and go to school, try getting work done or studying during your lunch hour or breaks. This will help prevent you from having to stay up late at night after work trying to do assignments.


-Get your rest! I cannot stress this enough. Sleep is important because you will be able to concentrate. If you’re staying up all night or hanging out you won’t be fully alert during the day. Get adequate sleep so that you are refreshed and your brain will be able to function in and out the classroom. With me working and going to school, I would sometimes eat my lunch and then take a 30minute nap just to recharge. I have had plenty of moments where I was sitting and doing an assignment and next thing I know I woke up with my face in my book (literally). Your body knows when it is tired and will shut down on you.


-Exercising helps eliminate stress. I’m not saying you have to go out and get a gym membership (it’s nice to have), but just going for a walk, swim or any type of physical activity is good to do when you are feeling overwhelmed. Exercising takes your mind off of the things that are stressing you out.

4. Get Out!

-I worked A LOT in undergrad and grad school. I remember in grad school I didn’t have any days off from work or school for almost two months! I missed my friends, family, and events I would have liked to have attended. School is important, but make time for fun and yourself. You have goals and are on a mission to complete school but Keep your life balanced.


-Last and certainly not least, Pray. This was the main reason I got through college. I prayed…..A LOT. College is fun but it is a stressful time in your life. You have freedom now and are making decisions on your own. You will encounter many challenges and obstacles that you may not know how to get through alone. Pray. Ask for guidance and wisdom and you will be fine J

I hope these tips will be helpful to you. Please feel free to share them with others.
Have a Great School Year!


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