“If you ain’t first, You’re Last”

You ever sit back and wonder sometimes why our generation wants so much but settle for less when it comes to RELATIONSHIPS. I am sure we all can be man and woman enough to say that we have played many roles but hopefully by now have grown from that and realized that we will not settle for second. I know my worth and that I deserve the best. It is true, no one is perfect. But why walk around and treat yourself less than what you deserve to be treated as? We all have made our mistakes and been through things that have brought the worse out of us, but it is never too late for change.

 Men and women both settle in relationships that are not good for them. Their partner treats them poorly, belittles them or doesn’t show them the love that they need and deserve. Some even try to come in between another couples relationship “thinking” that they can win over the one they want, but it only makes them look like a fool. People have to realize you will not be “THE ONE” for everyone you meet. People come into your life for you to learn lessons from them. Some are not meant to stay. Others may come along that have longer lessons that you must learn from. You can’t make a person do something you want them to do if THEY don’t want to do it. You can’t take someone’s heart if it is already TAKEN or they probably aren’t even willing to give it away to you.

 I guess people get a kick out of the bragging rights to being with someone else’s mate. They like to discuss it with their friends and laugh and say “Ah Ha!” but in reality the joke is on them. For example: You have your happy couple everything is going well for them. Then you have the individual that wants to shatter what they have together in hopes that they will take someone’s place. WRONG! If you have to fight for someone’s love when they are already giving it to someone else, that is your cue. Why sleep around with a woman or man that is in a relationship? Think about your self-worth. Take a step back and analyze that situation. You aren’t FIRST, You’re LAST! No dates, no conversations about life and the future. No going to each other’s family gatherings and events. Oh and don’t forget you have a schedule of when you can call and get face to face time. You have made yourself that persons OPTION.(it’s ok. We ALL Been there. If you say you haven’t then here let me introduce you to DENIAL) Don’t have someone label you as their “just in case I feel like being bothered with you today” person. If you don’t have a ring, the only other people you should come second to is the person you are dealing with parents.

 Like I said before, no one is perfect, not even me! But, there comes a time in your life where you have to stand back and look at the situation and YOURSELF. Think about who you are and what kind of person you want to be. Think about what you want for yourself, in a relationship, at work and in life! Everything plays a role in something else. If you are fighting for something or someone that isn’t even yours, what on Earth are you fighting for? We all have to LOVE ourselves first and know our worth. Our integrity is all we have. No one should be able to question you about yours.


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